A Rosie Life In Italy 2 Now On Audio!

I’m delighted to announce A Rosie Life In Italy 2 is now available on Audible (available through Amazon). I have to admit I was laughing out loud listening to it as there was some things I had forgotten I had written about. 

Come Hang Out With Me In Italy!

Come Hang Out With Me In Italy!

Life continues to be eventful here in Italy providing me with lots of material for ‘A Rosie Life In Italy 5’ – which I now hope to get finished by the summer! Talking of summer, after the success of last year, I am running another Writer’s Retreat at La Dogana from  12-18 June 2023. We do a couple of hours writing per day and then I take you to explore some of my favourite towns. We also have a picnic in the Tuscan hills, wine tasting, a cooking class and lots more. Last year was lots of fun with friends made for life and lots of inspiration had for future writing projects. You don’t have to be a published author to attend, just bring a writing project you would like to work on, a sense of adventure and a sense of humour! So if you would like to hang out with me and Lucia for a week, here’s the link: Rosie’s Writers Retreat in Italy




33, 66, 3, 9, 5, 4, 6, 1, 48, 18,49

69, 59, 68, 63, 26, 19, 50, 22, 47

If the number you chose is above, you can choose which prize you would like in order of preference. There are 5 of each item so they will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

  • A Rosie Life In Italy (Audio)
  • A Brush With Death (Ebook)
  • A Rosie Life In Italy (Ebook)
  • The Cosmo Club (Ebook)

If all five have been used up of your first choice then I will award you your second choice, etc.

Email me (rosie@rosiemeleady.com) your choices by the 6th January and the email address you would like the prize sent to. (You can choose to have your prize sent on to a friend if you wish).

Congratulations if you choose a lucky number! xx Rosie

Arc Readers Wanted!

Arc Readers Wanted!

I’m looking for arc readers to join my team for my new Romcom series that I will be releasing throughout 2023. You will get a free preview copy of a book about every 4-6 weeks. All I need in return is for you to write an honest review. Requirements of arc readers: Enjoy reading contemporary women’s fiction and having a laugh, can read a book within a two week period, happy to write a review. The books are aimed to be a light read with humour and some mild sex scenes–nothing too heavy! The prequel to the series is coming out end of December and the second book will be out on the 7th February. If you would like to give it a go then email me on: rosie@rosiemeleady.com          

About Rosie’s Hero-scopes Book Series:

Twenty-five years have passed since the astrology loving Cosmo Club was formed. Now as the seven women enter their forties, with a litany of messy relationships and failed careers following them like a stream of toilet paper stuck on a shoe, the death of Linda brings the remaining six friends together again.

A weekend in their old seaside clubhouse resurfaces memories and a promise they once made. Linda’s last wish makes that promise unbreakable; they must let their life choices be fully dictated by their horoscopes in Cosmo magazine and find love within six months … If they don’t stick to Linda’s plan, they risk losing something they all need; a lot of money.

Follow what happens in this seasoned and spiced romantic comedy series to; Aquarius Laura and her Leo Lion, Cancerian Bell and her search for her Taurus Bull, Scorpio Fanny and her Piscean Fish, Gemini Wendy and her Libra Wolf and Sagittarian Ruby and her Aries Ram.

Launch Day!

It’s Izzy’s birthday today, so to mark my 27th anniversary of being a mother it’s time to introduce you to my newest baby…

A Rosie Life In Italy 4: Potatoes, Pizza and Poteen.

It’s available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle for ebook and free to borrow on Kindle Unlimited.

Looking forward to hearing your reviews on this one!





A Rosie Life In Italy 4 Out Now in Paperback!

A Rosie Life In Italy 4 Out Now in Paperback!

I have a couple of surprises for you this month leading to Christmas! Here is the first: The official launch date of ‘A Rosie Life In Italy 4: Potatoes, Pizza & Poteen’ has been moved forward four months to 6th December so if you have pre-ordered the ebook you will get it in four days time! Here’s the second: I know some of you prefer a solid paperback and would like it for your Christmas stocking… SOOOO I have made the paperback available through Amazon from today. Click here or go to your online Amazon store. If you have preordered the ebook (thank you!) it will be on your device waiting for you to wake up on the 6th December. I’m excited to hear your feedback, and I am looking forward to reading your reviews of this one! Hopefully you like it as much as the other books in the series.