Join Me In Italy 2024!

Join Me In Italy 2024!

I wasn’t going to run a retreat in 2024 as I wanted to take time out for myself but I am already missing the people that I would have met this year! So I have decided to run a women’s retreat in June. We will have morning writing sessions but these are optional so if you are not a writer you can still come along and enjoy the fun! Click here to find out more information. 

Photo: Class of 2023!

Win 2 nights at Agriturismo La Dogana for you and a friend

Win 2 nights at Agriturismo La Dogana for you and a friend

To celebrate the launch of ‘A Rosie Life In Italy 2’ I have two nights in Agriturismo La Dogana (thanks to Lucia!) for you and a friend plus a lakeside lunch with me!

Every Prosecco point gets you an entry. You can enter with 1 point or you can gain up to 10 entries with up to 10 points.

The more points the more chances you have to win!

1 Prosecco point = 1 entry

10 Prosecco points = 10 entries

Here’s what to do to get Prosecco Points:

Like and share the launch event on Facebook. It’s on my page @A Rosie Life In Italy  (1 Prosecco point)

Attend the launch (live on Sunday at 5pm CET), invite a friend by tagging them in. (1 Prosecco point)

Write a review of ‘A Rosie Life In Italy 2’ on Amazon or Goodreads by Friday morning 8am CET. (2 Prosecco points)

Sign up for my newsletter (if you are already on my newsletter you will gain these points. (2 Prosecco points)

Answer the questions I send out in my newsletter on Tuesday (2 Prosecco points)

Post a photo of you with a copy of A Rosie Life In Italy 2 on Facebook or Instragram and use the hashtag #arosielifeinitaly or tag @arosielifeinitaly (2 Prosecco points).

The winner will be announced on Friday 19th November in my newsletter and on Facebook. (Staying at Dogana is subject to availability and the prize is non transferable. The vacation can be taken in during 2022).

Launch Party!

Launch Party!

Tomorrow, Monday the 1st November, I will be hosting the second 30 minute slot of our 10 hour launch party on Facebook for our Christmas 20 book anthology: Clues, Christmas Trees and Corpses.

It’s available on all ebook online outlets for only 99 cents for another few days only!

Click Here to JOIN THE PARTY!


A Rosie Life In Italy 2 Giveaway

For those of you on Goodreads I have a Giveaway starting today until book LAUNCH DAY on the 6th November!


Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Rosie Life In Italy 2 by Rosie Meleady

A Rosie Life In Italy 2

by Rosie Meleady

Giveaway ends November 05, 2021.

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The Oh F**k Moment of Parenthood and Me-Time Trips

The Oh F**k Moment of Parenthood and Me-Time Trips

When pregnancy strikes the first time, seasoned parents rave how wonderful parenthood is. They don’t tell you about the ‘OH F**K’ moment that hits within about seven days. It’s that moment when you realise that no matter what you do with your life, you will affect this little thing that you are now 100% responsible for. It’s that moment when your realise that if you take risks you have a knock-on affect on this little person’s emotional and mental well-being for the rest of their life which will impact on their kids and their kids after that. You have started a chain that cannot be broken. It’s that moment when you realise that you are now the adult in charge, you are the one that will have to fight off the zombies if there is a zombie attack. It’s that moment when you realise your life is no longer your own: it has been consumed by the ball of love – and even if you are not one for using bad language, a silent cry of  ‘OH F**K’ screeches into your head.

It passes. We get on with the task at hand and do our best trying to achieve being even a fraction of the ideal parent we envisaged ourselves to be and we sometimes have a moment to remember the person we used to be. The person we are still somewhere underneath the peanut butter and jelly and parent taxi runs.

Every parent needs a  ‘Me-Time’ trip. As soon as you have given birth to your last donation to the human population, start saving. By the time your last is 5 years old you have earned your right to a Me-Time Trip and will have enough cash to do it.

Steps to Your Me-Time Trip

1)     Make a list of all the things you want to do before you die (let your imagination run!).

2)     Match items on the list, i.e. ‘Learn to horse ride’ could be matched with ‘See elephants in the wild’, by going on a horse-riding trip to South Africa. Or ‘Help children in need’ could be matched with ‘Walk the Great Wall of China’ by doing voluntary work in a Chinese orphanage with a visit to the Wall while there.

3)     Lots of charities do fundraising challenges abroad. For instance, Bóthar do a trip to India, and the IHWT do a Cattle Drive in Montana. Both of these are run by Find a charity that you would like to support and start fundraising.

4)      Volunteer: If you are going alone, volunteering is a great way of having an adventure of a lifetime while making new friends from around the world at the same time. Check out for projects.

5)     Start a Selfish Account. Buy a piggy bank or open a post office or credit union account and set up a weekly direct debit of a small amount from your salary. Save your loose change in a jar. You will be surprised at how little amounts add up quickly.

How Will They Survive Without You?

1)     Cook double amounts of everything the week before and freeze, and leave a detailed menu for each day.

2)     Leave complete outfits hanging in the wardrobe labelled for each day of the week.

3)     Go during school term – this way the kids are occupied for the majority of the day and arrange with other parents for your kids to go visit directly after school.

4)     Teach your kids independence from an early age a little at a time. Clean up a room, use a microwave, make a sandwich, use a washing machine and a dishwasher are all tasks an 8- or 9-year-old can be easily taught.

5)     Forget the four steps I just outlined and get on the plane. So what if they live in the same clothes for three days, eat take-away every evening and have chocolate spread sandwiches for breakfast? Once you leave your children with an adult present, they will survive for a week without you and they will appreciate you all the more when you get back.

If you would like to read about my first Me-Time Trip to a Cattle Ranch in Montana click here.