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Let me tell you something you may not know about me. Ten years ago I set up an online magazine called Life is Short and an online club for women over 40 called Grab It By The Goolies Academy. Both were aimed at motivating women to think about their forgotten dreams and show ways to make following those dreams possible again. As women we tend to put everyone else’s needs first and forget we too have needs and dreams that should be treated with the same importance. So for a year or two I created inspirational videos and practical tips of how to dust off your dreams and move towards them again. This was inspiration for my book The Cosmo Club.

If you signed up for this newsletter via my book series The Cosmo Club, you will have received some inspirational emails and PDF’s to help revisit old goals and dreams. If you signed up through my mystery books you would have received a free recipe book. As you can see I love creating goodies for readers!!

On this page you will find all the freebees I offer in one place so you don’t have to sign up a second time when I offer a new freebee. I’m also going to be adding lots of exciting content through the year and material from my Grab It By The Goolies Academy and my Life Is Short magazine days which I think you might enjoy, as a thank you for being such a loyal fan of my books and making my dream of being a full time author a reality. 

My latest goody addition is a PDF with the ten recipes from book 4 so you don’t have to search the book for them every time you want one of them!