Working on ‘A Rosie Life in Italy’ gave me the writing bug again. While I am enjoying working on the next book in the ‘A Rosie Life in Italy’ series, it’s based on real life so this series will be a slow burner with a book coming out once per year. I’m a fast writer so I needed to get my teeth into something else and through the help of some writer friends I discovered the world of Cozy Mysteries.

Cozy mysteries are like Scooby Doo for adults. There is a solid mystery to be solved by an amateur sleuth but there’s no blood or gore, and any violence or sex usually happens behind closed doors. So the focus stays on the mystery that needs to be solved.

They are usually quick reads, Harper Collins recommends writers to stick to a word count of 50k which is the length of mine. Most books in a series will have a complete story but the series will have recurring characters and often the setting is in the same small town or area.

They are quite addictive!

So far I have written three in my Deadly Wedding Cozy Mystery series and I am part of a Christmas Cozy Mystery Anthology with 19 other cozy mystery writers–some are USA Today best sellers, so  I am in good company!  The Anthology is HUGE as it is more like a library of cozy mysteries. And it is only going to be 99 cent!

So for a FREE sampler of cozy mysteries, you can download 6 of the stories in the Christmas Anthology here: FREE Cozy Mysteries