Yesterday Umbria and many regions of Italy changed to status Yellow, which meant our son could go to college for the first time (his course has been all online since he started) and we could go out and eat at a restaurant! This has been a real lifesaver as I don’t think we can stand our own cooking efforts much longer. I also had draught beer for the first time in about a year.
I had forgotten how nice it was to put on clothes not covered in paint and go out.
To celebrate and to thank you for following my journey so far, I would like to gift you a FREE PDF copy of ‘My Post-Pandemic Planner and Memoir’.
If you like planners, journaling and making lists you will love this. You can print the PDF and save the pages in a binder or get a keepsake notebook and fill it full of memories and plans, using the prompts and questions on each of the 94 pages of the planner PDF.
As we are living through historic times, recording your memoirs by pen and paper you will create a keepsake future generations will cherish. I created this planner to help you do that.
It was by writing my daily memoirs during the first lockdown that led me to writing and publishing ‘A Rosie Life In Italy’. So perhaps this will lead to the same result for you.
I hope you LOVE the planner and enjoy it. Please feel free to share the FREE Planner link with your friends. If they are still in Lockdown it might cheer them up a bit.
Now I have to get back to writing and painting and recover from my slight beer hangover. Have a great day.