Today marks the start of our fourth week of mandatory lockin here in Italy, so my household is having a mini celebration with a ‘Let’s Pretend Someone is Coming Over’ day.

We’re celebrating because:

  • We haven’t killed each other yet.
  • None of us have lost our marbles and none of our family have succumbed to the virus. Well, our daughter in London probably did have it, but she’s out the other side of it now and doing fine. So we are celebrating that too.
  • I’m also celebrating that I can still fit into my jeans, though just about. I probably won’t be able to celebrate that next week the way things are going, so might as well give them a good send off. 

A ‘Let’s Pretend Someone Is Coming Over’ day means we all spend a couple of hours cleaning the house and get it done by a certain arrival time. We’ll put a bit of effort in like shaving, getting dressed up in nice clothes and prepare a nice lunch.

I called my 84-year-old Mam in Ireland and virtually invited her over. So she has put on a new blouse she bought before she went into self isolation, brushed her hair and put on some makeup. We’ll both cook a nice lunch and have it virtually together.

This is not something new to me, sometimes I have a virtual dinner like this with our 23-year-old daughter who works in London. We’ll set up our ipads or phones with a video call through What’s App or Skype, we’ll cook dinner together while chatting in our different kitchens, and then sometimes I’ll even set a place on the table and prop up the iPad with her and we all have dinner together.

So maybe think of what you can celebrate today, burn those scented candles you have been saving for a special occasion, cook something nice and maybe have a virtual lunch or dinner with a friend or family member living away at the moment. Enjoy!