The national train network Trenitalia sent out guide to who can travel, work and health with self certification.

Underneath in the comments, there was a question from Vincenzo:

Vincenzo: “Can I travel to Naples to visit my family which needs a bus and a train?”

A can of worms opened.

“Only if you want to bring your mother or grandmother the gift of Corona. Stay At Home sitting on the sofa.”

“Don’t be so selfish, I haven’t seen my parents for 20 years you can last 3 weeks.”

“Follow the instructions fool, STAY AT HOME.”

“Think of all the refugees who have not seen their families for three years. Don’t be so selfish you can wait three weeks without running back to your mama.

Vincenzo then replied: “I”m 70 I just wanted to go to my daughter and get my glasses fixed.”

Poor Vincenzo. But it does show how seriously the Italians are following the ‘Stay At Home’ order and how annoyed they get at people breaking it.

It was 18 degrees today. The birds were singing (still) and lizards are reappearing which means the ground is heating up which will hopefully kill off this virus. I sat out on the terrace working and after a few hours I became paranoid and thought I had a fever but then realised I’d done the ultimate Irish thing and sat out for too long at the first appearance of the sun resulting in a big red face.