I’ve gone up 2kg I think, or it might be four, I don’t want to look close enough at the scales to see if the little dashes stand for one or 2kg each.

While standing there on the scales, I got a premonition of my future grandkids looking through a family photo album:

“This is my great, great, great, grandma Nancy, she lived through the Irish Famine. She became the mother of 11 children who did great things throughout the world.”

“This is my great, great, grandfather, Jim – he lived through World War 1. He became a soldier and won medals.”

“This is my grandmother Rosie – she lived through the Corona Virus Pandemic … She became obese.”

I’m not sleeping well either. It’s not because of the worries about the world, yes, I’m anxious about my elderly parents in Ireland, our daughter in London and my brother in New York, but that is not what is keeping me awake, it’s indigestion. I’ve never suffered from this before, but since going on lockdown, our fridge and cupboards are well stocked with all the good stuff we like. And since we are not working as normal, we are having time to make nice meals for both lunch and dinner.

The Italians do this all the time – a proper sit down lunch and a cooked dinner. It took me two years of living here to discover the secret of why they were not all obese with the amount of food they ate. The secret seems to be that they keep the carbs for lunchtime – the pasta and risotto’s and then for dinner they have fish or meat with vegetables. So the carbs get burnt off during the day. They also don’t really do breakfast – just an espresso for most, so maybe they are unknowingly doing the 16:8 fasting thing that we all hear is so good for us?

So it’s time for me to turn the clothes horse back into the glorious thread mill it once was, and get my son to show me how to use his weights. I can’t say I am going to end up with a Cosmo beach ready body but at least my knees won’t give way by the end of quarantine.