A New Spoke In The Wheel Of Womanhood

A woman’s life used to be split into three parts: The Maiden, The Mother, and The Melancholy Old Woman.

However, there is a new spoke in the wheel that interjects stages two and three and for many women this new stage is turning out to be the most inspiring and profitable part of their lives.

They have done the fun, frivolous bit of being young, maybe even reckless, and finding a career and a partner. They have done the child rearing, career development, bill paying and faced the unexpected hurdles life  has thrown at them – tragedy, reality, illness and the ups and downs. And they have come through the other side a bit bruised but not beaten.

The last stage used to kick in just when the bruises of life were healing and things were getting easier. This was seen as a lonely time: the kids leaving the nest, being widowed or divorced, parents passing away. It was a time when a woman would start thinking about sitting by the window and living for her grandchildren’s visits, or reading the death notices in the paper and waiting for the day when their name appeared.

However, this final spoke of the wheel of life has been intercepted by a whole new stage that women now look forward to rather than dread. Thanks to a lifetime of better diet (think about it, our parents were brought up on ration books and ‘old cures’), better education and better healthcare, the goal posts of being physically ‘past it’ or ‘unable’ have moved by 20 to 30 years.

More than ever, women in their 50s and 60s are now travelling solo and starting indie style online businesses, passing on the wisdom they have learnt through one or more of their life experiences to help steer other women through their life path.

The respect for the older, wiser woman is back!

Earlier today, I spoke with Deb Lange from Adelaide, Australia. Deb is a divorced mum of two. When her kids grew up and moved out, she cared for her parents in their home and then when they passed on she sold her home and started to travel. She has been to the USA, Sierra Leone, Europe, and South Africa and, today, I am chatting with her in Cambodia via Skype. She runs an online mentoring business to help women find and follow their intuitive body wisdom, to help them find themselves again and build their self-confidence, and to live the life of their dreams.

Listen to the interview by clicking the podcast or YouTube video above.

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