I’m really crap at this quarantine thing. Four days ago, we did what Irish people call ‘a Big Shop’. It should last us about 10 days, with some supplies lasting a month, with just a need to pop out for milk and one or two other perishables. However my brain, looking at the full fridge and full wine rack seems to have switched to party mode.

I’m a destination wedding planner into Italy so as you can imagine my enquiry emails have tumbleweed blowing through them. I’d usually be doing eight hour days on my computer at this time of year. Now I’m finished work in less than two hours in the morning. So I am making nice lunches and having a glass of wine, which wouldn’t be my normal thing to do on a work day. Sure why not, I’m not driving anywhere? I check in on emails after lunch, more tumbleweed.

As I work from home anyway, I usually have a glass of wine when I close down my computer in the evening. But now my work day is finishing by 4pm so the ‘celebratory closing of the computer glass of wine’ has moved forward three hours. Then I’ll have one with dinner and maybe a nightcap. So now my months supply of wine is already half gone and we’re only on day four. Also party brain has decided I should indulge in my months supply of chocolate, to get over the shock of being quarantined I think. I have two Bounty Bars left. Maybe I could trade toilet roll for chocolate on some online exchange site?

I also have a bit of a guilty conscious going on… you know the way people say;

‘Be careful what you wish for’ or ‘Be careful what you ask the Universe for’ ?

Well, a few weeks ago, I was so overwhelmed with work enquiries and emails I said aloud, “I wish everyone would stop emailing me for a while”. Am I so in tune with the Universe that it sent an International plague on humanity so Rosie could have a break from her emails? Did I cause the Corona virus?

Take note people… be careful what you wish for.

We also forgot to buy salt and toothpaste. We’re crap at this quarantine thing.